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Safe 18650 Lithium Rechargeable Battery Pack , 15C Continuous Discharge

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Detailed Product Description
Product Name: 18650 Li-ion Battery Discharge Rate: 15C Continous Discharge
Application: RC Car/ Boat/helicopter Battery Sizes: 70*39*18mm
Wire Connector: JST Molex Or Customized Weight: 50g


18650 1500mAh 15C Lithium Ion Battery Pack 7.4V 2S1P Cylindrical battery


Battery specification:


No. Items Specifications Remark
1 Nominal Capacity 1500mAh 0.2C Standard discharge
3 Nominal Voltage 7.4V  
4 Discharge end voltage 6.0V  
5 Charge Voltage 8.4V±0.03V By standard charge method
6 Standard charging method 0.2C constant current,4.2V constant voltage charge to 4.2V,continue charging till current decline to≤0.01C
7 Charge current 0.2C 300mA Standard charge, charge time about 6h(Ref)
0.5C 750mA Rapid Charge, charge time about: 3h(Ref)
8 Standard discharging method 0.2C constant current discharge to 6.0V
9 Cell Internal Impedance ≤50mΩ Internal resistance measured at AC 1KHZafter 50% charge
10 Maximum charge current 1C 1500mA continuous charge 
11 Maximum discharge current 15C 22500mA  continuous discharge 
12 Operation Temperature and relative humidity Range Discharge -20~60℃ 60±25%R.H. Charge at a very low temperature such as blew 0℃,will be get a lower capacity and reduce cycle life of the battery
Charge 0~45℃ 60±25%R.H.
13 Storage temperature for a long time ‘-10~45℃
Do not storage exceed half year. Must charge once when storage for half year. must charge the battery with protect circuit when storage for three months.




1. Electric toy: RC car/ boat/helicopter.

2. Portable equipment: POS, Portable printer, handset.
3. Medical instrument: B ultrasound, ECG monitoring instrument, Electric pulmotor.
4. Consumer electronics: Emergency light power source, Electrical tool, Electric bicycle battery.
5. Industrial and commercial instrument: light power meter, Gas testing instruments, fusion splicer, Flaw detector.


Li-ion battery Features:


1. High density and safe.

2. Low discharge, could be stored for long time

3. High transfer efficiency low resistance and energy saving.

4. Existing stock for short delivery time.

5. High Capacity and Stable Discharge Voltage

6. Outstanding Discharge properties and Storage Capacity


Why choose us?


1. Professional sales team offer good service before and after sale.
2.Quick response: your any inquiry would be responsed within 12hours.

3.High quality battery: A grade cells, 1 year warranty, 100% real capacity.
4.Short Lead time: 10-15 days for cells; 20-25 days for battery pack.
5.Customized Service: OEM/ODM is acceptable, Small order are welcome.
6.Fast delivery: ship via Door to Door(courier), AIR, SEA, according to your request.



Safe 18650 Lithium Rechargeable Battery Pack , 15C Continuous Discharge

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