Corporate Culture



Our Team Concept :


Scientific: means the scientific management. All the work is under the direction of systematic and scientific management, not just depend on some individual persons’ judgment. Everybody, especially the Management have to constantly study, absorb, and use other people’s successful experience to make our management system reasonable. All the useful principle, standard, criterion will have a written system, and will be carried out by everybody and supervised by other body, so that we can make sure the company’s development keep moving forward.
Honesty: “wisdom can win small victory, but only the good virtue leads to success”. Every employee has to be frank and honest. Company provide good salary, welfare, and opportunity to employee, employee shall provide outstanding product and excellent service to customer, shall offer good profits to stockholder, and create a good image to government and society.

Innovative: the core motive power of Unitech. Unitech calls for a positive innovate environment, the company shall combine the passion of breaking everyday routine, daring to be first, and exploiting aggressiveness, with the harmonious action of consideration and calm. Meanwhile, every employee’s innovation are encouraged and rewarded, the mistakes through innovating will be allowed and forgiven.

Competition: Unitech creates a harmonious, relaxed but competitive work environment and everybody never get self-content. Everybody is competitors, everybody wants to be the best one in the work and everybody would make sure the work excellent, superior. Pursuing superior, constantly innovate, so that we can make our-self to be the best Battery Manufacturer in China.

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